Hamper Service

Hampers for all your special occasions


Choosing the right gift can be hard. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time, time some of us don’t have.

Here at Blacky’s Logistics we know how much effort goes into producing the perfect gift, and create a hamper specifically to suit the recipient’s interests. Whether someone is chocolate lover, a tea drinker, or a beer aficionado we are able to personally create an ideal present, custom made to best fit the specifications and budget.

Every Hamper Personally Hand Crafted

Each and every hamper we receive is meticulously designed to best suit the recipient by working closely with everybody who orders, providing a one-on-one consultation that allows for the special gift that has the type of thought put into it not possible from a store bought hamper.

After closely working with each of our customers to determine what the giftee would like and have a passion for, a hamper is carefully crafted to compose of only the highest quality items that fit into both the customers desires and budget.

The items are then professionally laid out, providing a spectacular present that is sure to impress whoever is being given the superb gift.

The Perfect Gift

To wine, to snacks, to soaps, to coffee, our hampers can include all a hearts desires. After deciding with you what you would like in the hamper, we personally source all the items meaning that the possibilities are limitless.

The hampers can be themed to your liking and include any combination of products; from incorporating a sports teams colours and sport related items, to creating a dazzling hamper filled with the latest toys and baby care products, something can be made to suit people of all ages whatever their interests.

They make the perfect gift, containing not only items of the highest quality, but also being an eye-catching present that’s certain to take anybody’s breath away.


Stunning Cakes For Any Occasion

On top of our extraordinary hampers, we are also offering magnificent cakes perfect for celebrating birthdays, holidays, work functions, or just about any other event you can think of. The cakes are delicious traditionally boiled Christmas cakes, and are a delight to the tastebuds.

Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with plenty of decoration options, talk to us about getting one (or more) made up for your function or other celebration.

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